Centrifugal units

«INGC», LLC offers packaged supply of centrifugal gas pumping units of Irtysh series.

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GPU are intended to equip the operating and reconstructing linear or booster compressor stations. 

«INGC», LLC offers:
      - Packaged supply;
      - Arctic or tropic version;
      - OCS and linear CS
      - Drive: gas and steam turbine, electric engine

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Gas-pumping units of “Irtysh” series are designed and manufactured in Russia according to the standards and norms of the Russian Federation in accordance with ТУ 3647-002-668662157-2015, the equipment has the “Certificate of conformity (obligatory certification)” Nr. ТC RU С- RU.МЮ62.B.03669.


Completeness of products         

GPU are delivered in unified, functionally complete blocks of high operational readiness or modules, mounted at the place of operation with the use of universal lifting devices and tools. In terms of design, the GPU are modular containerized in a unitized shelter of hangar type.

ГПА-1601 "Иртыш".jpg            

Depending on the set tasks, the units can be completed with centrifugal blowers manufactured by Thermodyn, Nuovo Pignone and  «Iskra»,SPA, as well as with the proven national GTU manufactured by «PMZ»OJSC and «KMPO»OJSC manufactured on the basis of aircraft engines of ПС-90 and Д-30 type or an electric driver.      

                      Центробежный компрессор..png                    Центробежный компрессор.png

The developed concepts for GPU make it possible to arrange in them, as a driver, all of the existing and developed GTU and compressors, receiving gamma-universal units with the power from 4 to 25MW. 

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GPU capacity range

The gas-pumping unit consists of the following main modules and nodes:

1. Turbo moduleconsisting of:
    a) GTU module:
         1. gas-turbine engine with transmission system;

         2. mounting frame;

         3. noise hood;

         4. elements of fire alarm;

         5. GTU elements (collection chamber, lemniscate);

     b) Compressor module:
         6. centrifugal compressor;

         7.  mounting frame with oil reservoir;

         8.  piping system for gas, air and oil;

2. Air inlet path, including a two stage air-cleaning facility, an inlet chamber with a protection mesh, a space plate, a transient encapsulated assembly, anti-ice piping system;

3. Exhaust line, including a diffuser with a thermal expansion, a holder, an exhaust muffler and an outlet pipe;

4. Control unit  with the systems of ventilation, lighting and heating, including ACS GPU, LVPM and elements of fire alarm;

5. Security unit with the systems of ventilation, lighting and heating, including an oil system block of GTE oil management system, GTE lube oil storage tank, firefighting department;

In certain blocks and departments of GPU there are nodes and elements of the unit systems, which, after installation at the place of operation, form integrated functional systems, and namely: 

    • GTE cooling system

    • transmission cover boosting system;
    • cycle air heating system;

    • gas system;

    • drainage system;

    • fire extinguishing system;

    • gas content control system.