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Optimal decisions in the sphere of package of gas-turbine and compressor equipment

«INGC», LLC is a modern power and machine building enterprise established in 2010. It implements engineering developments, design, production and integrated supplies of reciprocating and centrifugal compressor units, auxiliary systems for gas turbines and compressors, as well as other equipment in the sphere of fuel and energy industry and power and machine building.

About company - «INGC», LLC

PTPP Member of Chamber

«INGC», LLC is a full core enterprise (with a closed cycle) for development and manufacture of complex engineering products.

The enterprise designs and produces:

  • Elaboration of construction and design documentation;
  • Selection and correlation of complex engineering equipment at the facility, including interaction with design institutions;
  • Contract production. Products manufacture under the Customer’s documentation;
  • Implementation of projects “on a turnkey basis”: design, manufacture, installation and commissioning;
  • Support and service.

Our advantages:

1. Highly qualified staff.

The integral system for staff training provides functioning of qualified man power in accordance with the requirements for production development and the enterprise as a whole.

Today the company productive potential has more than 250 people. All indices and achievements lay under people: highly qualified staff that, despite all difficulties, determine the company success and provide its competitive ability.

We invest in human factor, forming a team of professionals
About company

2. A powerful production, engineering and construction basis. Use of unique design and engineering concepts.

Our own design bureau elaborates individual concepts for every new facility, thus, the Customer gets unique equipment, which more closely corresponds to its demands.

Company production power in the Russian Federation makes it possible to offer the product which meets the requirements of all Russian standards. Production shops are equipped with modern equipment for implementation of complete production cycle of production output.

«INGC» Company production power is based in Perm on the «INGC-PROMTECH» production site.

About company

3. Successful experience in localization of final decisions on the basis of foreign companies technology.

«INGC», LLC actively cooperates with the leaders in oil and gas industries. We are the first Russian official Ariel Corporation packagers, the biggest manufacturer of compressors in the world. We are the distributor of Caterpillar Company, the manufacturer of gas reciprocating engines. We are the partners of the Schneider Electric Company, which in its turn is the word expert in the field of control over electric power, the leading developer and supplier of complex energy-efficient decisions for energetics. The Company was accredited to pack the equipment of General Electric, the world leader in manufacturing industry and digital technology.

About company
Caterpillar cerificate Ariel cerificate

Convenient transport infrastructure

The production base of «INGC», LLC has its own railroad dock, a loading railroad area with a traveling-bridge crane of 16t lifting ability, making it possible to implement product shipment using rail transportation. Convenient motor transport logistics makes it possible to deliver products, including out-of-gauge cargo, by any means of transport. .

The «INGC», LLC quality management system was elaborated, documented, introduced and maintained in 2011.

The main goal of "INGC", LLC is in constant widening of the range and in the quality increase of the provided services and equipment in accordance with the integrated system of quality management, occupational and life safety, and environment protection.