Compressor units

Reciprocating compressor units based on Ariel compressors 

«INGC», LLC is involved in design and manufacture of RCU (Reciprocating Compressor Unit) with the power from 30 to 8000 kW at the pressure up to 50 MPa based on ARIEL compressors with application of separators, buffer vessels, gas package frame and other own-produced major nodes.

<Compressor units      Compressor units

The units are designed and manufactured in Russia by «INGC», LLC according to the legislative and regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation in accordance with ТУ 3643-001-66862157-2010, the equipment is declared in accordance with EАЭС RU Д-RU.МЛ66.В.01888 Eurasian Economic Union.

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«INGC», LLC  is a certified distributor and packager of Ariel Corporation, the largest manufacturer of reciprocating compressors in the world. Ariel Corporation has the widest range of compressors manufactures for certain projects of commercial components. This makes it possible to choose the best compressor for any operating conditions.   

Compressor units      Compressor units

We also cooperate with Nuovo Pignone GE Oil & Gas during the manufacture and delivery of reciprocating CU of big power for engineering processes of processing companies.

A reciprocating CU can be completed with a gas piston drive, and electric drive or a steam turbine

Compressor units      Compressor units


Reciprocating CU are used to collect and put the squeeze on associated oil gas, gas flooding, to put the squeeze on fuel gas, as well as during the technological processes at the oil and gas refining enterprises.

In terms of design, the reciprocating compressor unit represents a block installed in a separate shelter of hangar type or a block-box with the systems providing ventilation, lighting, fire fighting, and heating, automated control system and low-voltage package module. The place with the compressor unit is equipped with a lifting device.

Beyond the shelter there are installed interstage and single-ended gas air-cooling units (ACU), engine ACU or heat exchangers

RCU is delivered as a complete factory package; the mounting includes installation on the foundation and connection to station communication lines.

If necessary, it is possible to arrange several RCU blocks in one separate shelter.

Compressor units                               Compressor units

A standard CU consists of:
  1. Compressor
  2. Compressor unitsDrive
  3. Ring joint
  4. Frame
  5. Compressor oil management system
  6. Engine oil management system
  7. Gas system
  8. Fuel and start gas systems
  9. Engine air-intake system
  10. Engine exhoust system
  11. Engine cooling system 
  12. ACS
  13. LVPM
  14. Wiring system for measuring-and-recording apparatus and current-using equipment
  15. Earth ground
  16. Stop, control and plug valves

Advantages of the delivered CU:
  • possibility to operate within a wide range of pressure change, both of indraft and blowing, keeping the high values of coefficient of performance;
  • possibility to impress gas rich in hydrogen sulfide;
  • service ability;
  • torsional and acoustic analysis of compressor units provides lasting failure-free production run of the delivered equipment;
  • delivered to the customer in the most possible operational readiness;
  • light weight;
  • possibility to manufacture with different types of engines (electric engine, gas reciprocating engine, diesel engine);
  • All-weather. The unit operates in all weathers with the outside temperature from -60 up to +50°С;
When using several RCU operating in parallel:
  • easy adjustment of performance by switching on or off one or several compressors with adequate change in power consumption;
  • minimal overload of the electric main when starting by means of sequential process stabilization of each compressor;
  • possibility to provide quite sufficient performance even in case if one compressor is out of order

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