Design - «INGC», LLC
At the  «INGC», LLC  engineering center work highly qualified specialists with solid experience in the design of oil, gas and other industrial facilities.

The design and engineering department is involved in the development of design documentation for new equipment, monitors the equipment manufacture,  implements non-destructive control, is involved in packing and dispatch of  shelf equipment.

The approach to each facility is individual. Thus, customers receive unique equipment meeting the needs to the most. 

The main goal of the service is to develop new types of products. The service goal in the quality sphere is the compliance of the developed products with customers’ standards and requirements. Engineering decisions generated by the design department of our Company meet the requirements of sanitary and hygienic, fire and other norms valid within the territory of the Russian Federation. 


Design - «INGC», LLC
The engineering center employees are able to implement a wide range of design and engineering work 
  1. Development of design and design documentation;  
  2. Implementation of acceptance control over the design documentation received from the customer (customer-furnished DD); 
  3. Design and development of DD for substandard equipment and production accessories (of fair and high difficulty); 
  4. Packaging and design of engineering equipment and life support systems; 
  5. Strength, gas-dynamic and heat calculations;
  6. Design of automation, power supply and lighting systems, power supply equipment, MRA equipment;
  7. Application of modern and innovative engineering concepts, technology and materials when implementing a project; 
  8. Development of DD in accordance with GOST, Unified system for design documentation, Construction design and estimate documentation and the main requirements of API, ISO standards;
  9. Revision of foreign documentation for compliance with GOST, WD for the possibility of local manufacturing content;                                                                            
Specialists of our engineering center have training certificates issued by one of the largest world organizations producing compressors for oil and petrochemical industry:  Ariel Corporation in Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA, Сaterpillar Corporation in Malaga, Spain and Schneider Electric Company in Moscow.

pdf-700x700.jpg  Ariel Corporation certificates (USA)                                                 pdf-700x700.jpg  Ariel Corporation certificates (Moscow)                                                                                               
pdf-700x700.jpg Сaterpillar Corporation certificates                                                    pdf-700x700.jpg Schneider Electric Company certificates

Three-dimensional modeling

The process of creating production drawings and design documentation is performed using advanced software technology and implemented in several stages using three-dimensional modeling.  

Design stages:

  • Draft design;
  • Calculation of structure strength;
  • Development of working documentation;
  • Three-dimensional modeling. Parallel and phased prototyping of the working design, and visual representation of the design results, making it possible to evaluate mutual bracing of nodes and structures.

Three-dimensional modeling gives important advantages:

  • Provides the design engineer and the customer with the possibility to evaluate correctness of the made space arrangement decisions, before the implementation of construction and assembly work;
  • The system provides secure connection of separate structure elements into a whole entity;
  • Exclusion of “fit-up assembly test” at the production after the product manufacture, leading to a decrease in the overhead cost and delivery time.

Design - «INGC», LLC             Design - «INGC», LLC                 Design - «INGC», LLC
Design - «INGC», LLC    Design - «INGC», LLCDesign - «INGC», LLC