Block-modular and modular containerized equipment

Block-modular version becomes more and more popular design concept for the arrangement of engineering equipment of specified purpose. Such equipment is delivered as a total package with the required set of operating instructions.

For a customer company the advantage of using the engineering equipment in block-modular version is, first of all, during the construction of new production. In this case, the project does not include the arrangement of the equipment, ventilation, heating, lighting, explosion and fire protectability, and the total installation intensity decreases.

Another important advantage of modular structures is their manufacture directly at the manufacturing plant. Here, the manufacturing process and workshop testing of block-modular equipment is absolutely optimized and is the most efficient in terms of time, quality, specialization and qualification of the engineering staff.

One of the main «INGC», LLC directions is the arrangement of the engineering equipment in the building of block-modular and containerized type, including design, selection and equipment spacing.

Examples of equipment arrangement:
  • Compressor units;
  • Pumping stations
  • Oil and gas measuring systems
  • Automation and power distribution blocks
  • Reinforcing and piping blocks
  • Firefighting systems
Блок управления газоперекачивающего агрегата ГПА-1601 «Иртыш».jpg Комплектная поршневая компрессорная установка в блок-боксе (ПКУ002).JPG