Production infrastructure


The productive facilities of «INGC», LLC are based in Perm on the manufacturing site of «INGC-PROMTECH».

The Company productive facilities are equipped with modern equipment for implementation of a full manufacture cycle for products output. Modern equipment provides high accuracy in the manufacture of the components at all production sites, significantly increasing the quality of the manufactured products.   

Total area of the manufacturing base:  16000 m2 

Warehouses area:  5000 m2

Production shops:  8000 m2

Company manufacture process is individual and has a closed cycle due to the specificity of the manufactured products. 

Specialists, processes and equipment of our Company are subject to regular attestation, making it possible to manufacture Products in accordance with all standard technical documents and technical requirements of the Customer.  

The Company consists of the preproduction department as an independent structural subdivision. The staff composition includes a team of highly professional technical engineers in different areas, working to improve production efficiency:  
  •  Development of the technology and production preparation for manufacture of new items;  
  • Control over production progress and provision of the required DD and ED;  
  • Development and implementation of measures for perfection of production planning, dispatching and reporting;  
  • Introduction of technical means for operating control over production;  
  • Development and approval of organizational and engineering measures aimed at improving the quality of the manufactured products
Production capacity of INGC

  1. Assembly of high-tech equipment;  
  2. Assembly of different purpose steel structures;  
  3. Assembly of ACS and LVPM cabinets, installation of electric equipment;
  4. Assembly of ACS and LVPM cabinets, installation of electric equipment;   
  5. Coating of structures using air-free method; Bead-blasting treatment;
  6. Flux welding of capacity equipment;  
  7. Lifting equipment from 5 to 50t;  
  8. Hydraulic testing of capacity equipment and pipelines;

The Company technological infrastructure provides full readiness to produce items of high quality

Production buildings are equipped with overhead cranes with the lifting capacity from 5 to 50 tons.  

«INGC», LLC production structure 

1. Preparation and mechanic area                
System of plasma-arc cutting; 
- Band saws;
- Lathe tools; 
- Milling and drill machines; 

- Thread-cutting machines; 

2. Assembly and welding areas   
- Semiautomatic welding machines;  
- Argon-arc welding machines; 
- Machines for contact welding; 
- Welding 3D benches and assembly fixtures;       
- Welding device for flux welding of capacity equipment; 
- Laser system for  shaft alignment and control over flat surface accuracy;
3. Machine-assembling areas                                                                                                

4. Bead-blasting treatment area                   
- Automated bead-blasting throughfeed line; 
- Bead-blasting unit.     

5. Coating area                   
- Coating booth for paint-and-lacquer coating using  
air-free method.  
6. Electric area 

Step-by-step quality control

During the entire production specialist of the quality control department monitor the quality according to QMS: : 

 1. Incoming quality control over the received materials, components and semi-finished products

 2. Technical control over the products in accordance with the approved documents (DD, ED, RD)

 3. Quality control over packaging materials, package, goods storage and conservation

 4. Approval of quality and completeness of the manufactured or delivered items in the forwarding documents and data sheets

Production growth provided total Company growth. The administrative building built in 2012 and the production building built in 2012 required extension. Completion of the second construction phase of the production shop was finished. Launch of the preparatory and machining production will become part of a large scale project for modernization and increase of the plant productive capacity.      

Due to the expansion of production it is planned to purchase new equipment: 

metal thermal cutting machine;

- bending press;

- вroll mills for manufacture of shells;

Manufacturing - «INGC», LLC    Manufacturing - «INGC», LLC 

The Company productive capacity consists of more than 250 people, including highly qualified welders, machine-tool operators and plate-workers. High tech equipment, innovative technology and professionally trained staff indicate that the Production is ready to solve tasks of different complexity and corresponds to the most ambitious plans of the Company.