Technical assistance and service

«INGC», LLC implements a full cycle of products manufacture followed by warranty and post-warranty service.

After-sale service is provided by a separate structural subdivision of «INGC», LLC composed of engineering supervisors and start-up specialists

The subdivision prepares the service plan and organizes implementation of the following work at the place of operation:

Erection supervision work

Erection supervision work is aimed at control over the compliance to the requirements specified in the documentation of «INGC», LLC during the installation of our equipment and delivery. Engineering supervisors control the installation of the delivered equipment, thus preventing everything that can cause deterioration of the products quality, decrease of safe use or operational characteristics.  
The results of erection supervision work are reflected in the «Certificate of facility readiness for pre-commissioning activities»

            Technical assistance and service - «INGC», LLC

Pre-commissioning and commissioning of the facility  
The Company implements a full cycle of pre-commissioning and commissioning of all the delivered equipment. For each facility of product is prepared a certain pre-commissioning work program. 

The results of the implemented pre-commissioning work are reflected in the «Certificate of pre-commissioning completion and equipment transfer for operation».

 Technical assistance and service - «INGC», LLC          Technical assistance and service - «INGC», LLC

Service maintenancе

The Company provides services in constant maintenance and repair of compressor equipment and auxiliary systems, as well as permanent engineering assistance in operation. Servicing is provided by certified specialists using original components and special tools on the basis of the approved regulations. 

Due to the compressor plant equipment purpose, it is advised to implement service maintenance according to the regular preventive scheme, which has the following advantages:

  • Low accident rate.  
  • Implementation of scheduled repairs.

Having completed the initial operating period, some of the equipment can be serviced according to their actual condition, which means advanced training of the Customer’s staff.  

Depending on the actual state of compressor units, determined during the phase of operation, the list of the implemented work can be amended in writing by the parties based on the mutual consent and technical necessity.

Emergency repair of compressor units is implemented out-of-schedule within the period agreed by the parties, subject to availability of the components and operating conditions. As a rule, in case of an emergency repair specialists are ready to come within 24 hours in order to investigate the reasons of the accident and evaluate the volume and time period of the remedial maintenance

Delivery of spare components

We deliver all the required spare components for handy operation of our equipment.